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Test Your Microbiome

   Gut Healthy Dietitian is now offering gut microbiome testing. Microbiome testing gives us the inside scoop on your microbes so we can personalize your nutrition approach to provide maximum results. 

gut microbiome testing: picture of bacteria

What is gut health?

Gut health refers to the health of the trillions of bacteria and yeast living in our gut, known as our gut microbiome. We want the most abundant and diverse microbiome possible for optimal gut health and the greatest overall health benefit.

The composition and diversity of your gut microbiome can contribute to the development of chronic diseases,  including digestive health problems, metabolic diseases, immunity and mental health disorders. 

what are the benefits of a gut health test?

Gut microbiome testing gives us an inside picture of your current gut health. We can then use a targeted personalized nutrition approach to provide maximum benefit and see results quickly. 
  • Learn the biomarkers of your gut health
  • Use a personalized approach to nutrition to optimize your gut health
  • Increase the effectiveness of nutrition and lifestyle interventions
  • Identify any imbalances in your gut microbes (dysbiosis) 
  • Identify excess quantities of potential negative bacteria 

why vitracttm:

Vitract Gut Testing uses genomic sequencing to identify bacterial groups and metabolites that contribute to your digestive, metabolic and brain health.

  • Vitract gut testing provides a gut wellness score, which allows us to establish your baseline gut health.
  • Vitract tests identify more strains of bacteria than other gut microbiome tests, for a lower cost to the consumer.
  • Vitract pairs gut microbiome technology with personalized nutrition to improve digestive health, metabolism, immunity, and mental wellness.
  • Based on your gut test results we can provide tangible nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to get maximum health benefits. 
  • 85% of Vitract members have reported remarkable changes in their digestive health, increased energy levels, improved sleep, and better quality of life.
Dietitian reviewing gut microbiome testing results


Our gut specialized registered dietitians will guide you through the process of gut microbiome testing and create a personalized nutrition plan based on your results. Our gut health test program includes:  

  • Initial dietitian consultation
  • VitractTM gut microbiome test
  • Follow-up dietitian consultation
  • Comprehensive personalized nutrition plan
  • Price: $500 
Kelsey, dietitian reviewing gut microbiome testing results


The results of your gut microbiome test will provide you with an overall gut wellness score, as well as an assessment of several key aspects of gut microbiome health (e.g. diversity, probiotics, commensals and pathogens). 

Your gut specialized Registered Dietitian will take the results of your gut health test and create a personalized nutrition plan to target any gut health concerns that were identified. 

Personalized nutrition plans will include general diet recommendations, specific nutrients and foods to target, dietary and lifestyle habits to reduce or modify,  as well as targeted supplement recommendations to allow you to achieve optimum and efficient results. 

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